Community service is in our blood.

2021 Grant Awards

$227,400OneBloodContinue transfusion medicine specialist therapeutic phlebotomy & apheresis clinic; initiate center of excellence for sickle cell disease maintenance & sickle cell crisis avoidance
$120,474Mayo Clinic JacksonvilleContinue artificial intelligence research project to predict blood needs for liver transplantation
$75,000Mayo Clinic JacksonvilleResearch study to identify prevalence & predictors of spike protein antibodies in COVID-19 vaccinated individuals, related to blood donor eligibility, plasma harvesting and primary care
$198,500UF Healthcare JacksonvilleContinue & expand benign hematology clinic, add clinical oversight, physician fellow and faculty education, clinical trials, publish resulting studies
$8,285UF Healthcare JacksonvilleReplace obsolete, essential blood storage refrigerator
$12,000UF Healthcare JacksonvilleMulti-transfused patient genotyping to improve patient safety, improved blood selection and blood inventory management
$5,000UF Healthcare JacksonvilleEducational materials and training support for Pathology Fellowship Program
$7,816Beaufort Memorial HospitalPlasma storage freezer to store COVID-19 convalescent plasma to improve capacity and speed service to critically ill patients
$20,000Beaufort Memorial HospitalMedical Director oversight Underwriting for Benign Hematology Clinic
$20,000Beaufort Memorial HospitalUnderwriting of patient transportation for Benign Hematology Clinic & other clinical transport; expands clinic accessibility and improves impending sickle cell crisis management
$35,000St. Vincents / Ascension HealthcareUnderwriting stipend for 10 Medical Laboratory Science Training Program students
$25,000Hemophilia Association of Greater FloridaProvide ultrasound instrument & related training to Nemours Children’s’ Hematology Clinic to detect joint bleeding in very young children with hemophilia and other blood clotting dyscrasias
$75,000National Blood FoundationFinancial support to pay one grant for early career researchers in transfusion medicine & cellular therapies



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