Community service is in our blood.


Organization and Leadership

The Coastal Blood Foundation is governed by a board of directors of up to 20 individuals, including a president who serves ex-officio as a member of the board. Each director is eligible to serve up to three four-year terms. A director is reviewed by the full board before election to a new term.

The Foundation has the following standing committees: Finance, Governance, Grants, and Nominating. In addition, from time to time, the chair of the board, upon the recommendation of the president, appoints ad hoc committees to address specific issues facing the Foundation.

The board sets policies and strategic direction for the Foundation; approves grantmaking areas, initiatives and grants in excess of $500,000; and oversees investments and the audit process. The board also reviews the performance of the president and approves compensation for the president and senior staff.

the Foundation’s articles of incorporation, by-laws and charters for the standing board committees are found below.

Articles of Incorporation


Charter of the Audit Committee

Charter of the Budget and Compensation Committee

Charter of the Institutional Policy Committee

Charter of the Nominating Committee


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