Community service is in our blood.

Partner Organizations

Coastal Blood Foundation is constituted of a volunteer Board of Directors with a goal of being low-cost to operate, so that the Foundation’s assets may go to support activities and interests that benefit the public. Certain administrative costs, such as facilities management and accounting, are contracted instead of staffed. Grant making and grant management activities are delegated primarily to two not-for-profit foundations having deep expertise in their respective fields of service: Jacksonville’s The Community Foundation For Northeast Florida and AABB’s National Blood Foundation.

The Community Foundation For Northeast Florida

The Community Foundation For Northeast Florida is a Jacksonville, Florida based organization that focuses on civic and philanthropic leadership throughout Northeast Florida. Generous giving and prudent investing have grown this community foundation to $343 million and provided for $410 million in total grants since the beginning. One of The Community Foundation For Northeast Florida’s key programs is to receive charitable contributions into its Donor-Advised-Funds, one of which includes the Coastal Blood Foundation Charitable Fund. This valuable program administers Coastal Blood Foundation’s giving to the non-profit transfusion and cellular medicine research, education and innovation community. Grants made to area agencies are vetted, evaluated and administered almost in total by The Community Foundation For Northeast Florida. In addition to funding these initiatives as advised by Coastal Blood Foundation, a portion of Coastal Blood Foundation’s philanthropy is used to support the programs championed by The Community Foundation For Northeast Florida.

The AABB National Blood Foundation

The AABB National Blood Foundation’s mission is to fuel innovation in transfusion medicine and cellular therapies for the benefit of patients and donors. It is a charitable foundation, formed in 1983, distributing funding to support research and education in all aspects of blood banking, transfusion medicine, cellular therapies, and patient blood management. It raises money from AABB institutional and individual members, corporations, foundations and others for the National Blood Foundation Research and Education Trust, a 509(a)(3) organization. Since its inception, the National Blood Foundation has awarded over $9 million to early-career investigators through its Scientific Research Grants Program. Grant proposals are competitively evaluated by the Scientific Research Grants Review Committee, constituted of scientific experts on the research of the submitted proposals, using the NIH criteria as a basis for the evaluations. Grants from Coastal Blood Foundation to the National Blood Foundation may be in the form of donor-advised grants (through The Community Foundation For Northeast Florida) to the early-career investigators program, to other innovative projects identified from time to time for multi-year research/education projects, or for other transfusion and cellular therapies identified to improve patient safety.


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