Community service is in our blood.

Grants Committee

With regard and direction from the Foundation’s corporate purpose: “(charitable, educational, or scientific), the Grants Committee shall:

1) Identify opportunities to financially support the advancement of Transfusion Medicine and related disciplines through education, research and promotion. These opportunities are intended to benefit directly or indirectly, potential or actual blood donors, hospitals and patients in the greater Jacksonville area including Beaufort, SC and St. Augustine and surrounding environs or within such other geographic areas as defined from time to time by the Board of directors.

2) Prioritize the Grants Committee’s recommendations for Board approval, with regard to amounts of money to be considered for each initiative and the intended recipients regarding each initiative. The Committee will make these recommendations each year, and will be strongly influenced by the amount of money available for distribution in that year, as well as the Committee’s understanding of specific needs and intended uses of the monies.

3) By the year 2021, favorable attention will focus on:

  • Larger grants, with fewer grants of less than $30,000 – $100,000;
  • Multi-year grants, to include contingency pledges for funds after the first and subsequent years, and requiring timely and satisfactory interim reporting for continuation year-to-year;
  • Effective immediately all funds awarded being consumed during the funded annual period, for the approved purposes, unless approved otherwise by Coastal Blood Foundation.

4) The Foundation may require an applicant to provide matching funds in order to qualify for Foundation funding of a grant proposal.

5) Establish internal written policies and procedures for carrying out Grant Committee duties, review and update them periodically, and generally follow these policies and procedures.


Key Dates:

  1. January 31 Deadline for receipt of grant proposals/applications for next cycle
  2. Early April: communication of application status to applicants; release of funds to approved applicant institutions
  3. October 15 Deadline for receipt of interim progress reports
  4. March 1 Deadline for receipt of final reports


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