Community service is in our blood.

Initiatives We Support

A safe, reliable and affordable supply of blood and blood products and related services are essential elements of an effective health care system. The goal of the Coastal Blood Foundation is to improve the state of health care in our communities by ensuring the quality of the local blood supply now and for future generations. In addition, the research, education and outreach programs we support have the potential to expand the body of medical knowledge, support higher education in transfusion-related disciplines, and contribute to improved health outcomes everywhere. With a grant funding aggregate limit defined annually, the most favored applications for grant funds will be those that propose recognizably transformative outcomes.

Examples of what we fund

  • Research initiatives that support the safety and availability of blood products in all aspects of collection, testing, distribution, storage, use and related services.
  • Outreach initiatives with the potential to improve health outcomes for individuals and populations affected by blood-related illnesses.
  • Educational forums that promote professional development to assure state-of-the-art services for the future.

What we do not fund

  • Grants or loans to individuals who are unaffiliated with a research facility.
  • Grants for capital development, real estate purchases, project replication or endowment, unless these activities grow out of work already being funded by the Coastal Blood Foundation.
  • Grants for normal operating expenses. The primary exception will be for the startup phases of Board-approved new initiatives.
  • Grants for religious activities or programs serving specific religious groups or denominations. However, faith-based organizations may submit inquiries if the project falls within our guidelines and serves a broad segment of the population.
  • Grants for projects that duplicate or significantly overlap the work of federal, state or local governmental agencies.
  • Film, and video projects, and books are rarely funded.


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